Saturday, May 15, 2010

TidySongs Review

Ahhh... Just thought I'd do a post before bed and talk about this software I have spent the last couple hours playing with. It's called TidySongs and this is my TidySongs review.

Some of my closest friends who have been on my computer know that I am not a very neat person. I have folders all over the place, and my Music collection isn't any different. It is so much of a mess and has none of the correct tags. Tonight I finally got sick of that and was looking online for a solution when I came across TidySongs.

I spent a couple hours using TidySongs to fix my music collection, and I am so much happier with my music collection now. TidySongs was able to add album art, rename genres, remove duplicates, fix spelling errors, etc. It really helped with my collection.

Also, if you want, you can let TidySongs fix your songs all at once while you step away from your computer. I would have normally used this, but I had a lot of fun using TidySongs tonight and seeing what all it could do.

I was wondering just how TidySongs was able to fix all these song tags for me. Apparently TidySongs has it's own online database that it uses to look your songs up and get the correct tags. Pretty cool.

In all, I highly recommend it to my blog readers out there if you have large or unorganized music collections. If you spend as much time as I do listening to music on the computer, a product like TidySongs is a must have.

Official Website of TidySongs

Friday, May 14, 2010

Driver Robot Review

Hey to all my friends and readers of this blog. I am back to do another review. Well... I wasn't really planning on doing a review until a few minutes ago. Earlier today one of my closest friends since childhood e-mailed me and asked me to take a look at this software called Driver Robot. My friend had been having problems trying to update his drivers and he thought maybe Driver Robot would help. I read his e-mail and spent about an hour with Driver Robot. I figured instead of just sharing my thoughts with him, I would go ahead and post a Driver Robot review on my blog.

For those of you who don't know what Driver Robot is, you may have gotten the idea from the previous paragraph. Driver Robot basically searchs your computer and looks for outdated drivers. From there, Driver Robot connects to the internet to update your drivers. It's a brilliant idea for a program.

Just be reading the description earlier of Driver Robot, I was excited at the idea of a program like this. This would really be useful for many of the computer novices out there. Even people who i've studied with in the computer science program have had a hard time with updating drivers.

Anyway... I went ahead and tried out Driver Robot. And it was as good as I hoped it would be. Driver Robot makes updating your drivers very easy. I tend to keep my drivers updated as I do everything else on my computer. However Driver Robot found close to 20 outdated drivers which was really impressive to me. After searching for the drivers, Driver Robot easily was able to update the drivers. It was really nice.

I don't have much else to say about Driver Robot. It's purpose is simple. Find your outdated drivers and update them. And with that... it does an amazing job of it. I recommend that every person reading this download Driver Robot. This is the type of software that should be included with Windows when you buy your PC. Five stars out of five.

Official Website of Driver Robot

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perfect Uninstaller Review

Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly talk a bit about a program I was using earlier today that I tried out. This software is called Perfect Uninstaller, and I decided to do a Perfect Uninstaller Review.

Some of my readers who haven't heard of Perfect Uninstaller might be wondering what exactly it is. Well... Perfect Uninstaller is a software solution for removing unwanted programs from your computer. Some people might try and use a programs uninstaller or Windows Add/Remove. Often times though these won't completely remove the program. The program may leave behind registry keys, shortcuts, etc. Sometimes you need a more in-depth uninstaller. That's where Perfect Uninstaller comes in.

So besides the obvious, what else does Perfect Uninstaller do? It removes programs much quicker. Perfect Uninstaller is also better at removing hidden programs from your machine. And of course like I mentioned, Perfect Uninstaller can also remove leftover registry keys from various software programs.

In wrapping this up, I really really like Perfect Uninstaller. I wish Microsoft would include Perfect Uninstaller with Windows as a replacement to the outdated Windows Add/Remove. It would benefit a lot of users.

Official Website of Perfect Uninstaller

Edit: ACA Utilities is offering Perfect Uninstaller as part of a bundle with 14 other software programs for the price of one. It's a great deal and I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to get the other software as well.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ACA Utilities Review

Hey everyone. I recently came across a great deal. I decided to create a post and talk a bit about it. This deal is for a software bundle being offered online called ACA Utilities. I was discussing with a friend earlier about this deal, and I decided I would do an ACA Utilities review on my blog.

So let's get right to what ACA Utilities is exactly. Like I mentioned, it was a software bundle. But what software does it come with? Currently the list of software that comes with ACA Utilities is Registry Easy, Perfect Uninstaller, Driver Checker, Spyware Cease, Advanced Defrag, Duplicate File Cleaner, Final Uninstaller, Evidence Smart, Memory Savior, Final Sync, Convert Genius, Cookbook Easy, Convert My PDF, and Recoveryer.

That is a total of 14 software programs for the price of one. Of course... this would be worthless if the software that came with this bundle didn't perform well. However I spent awhile with the various software programs, and here are my thoughts on them.

Registry Easy - I had reviewed this in a previous entry. It's a really great Registry Cleaner, by far one of the best.

Perfect Uninstaller - A great program to use to uninstall hard to remove programs from your computer. Much more effective than Windows Add/Remove Programs

Driver Checker - Another great program. Driver Checker is used to update your computer drivers and search for updated drivers on the internet. Very handy and easy to use.

Spyware Cease - An Anti-Spyware product. It performed alright, but not the greatest.

Advanced Defrag - I had reviewed this in a previous entry as well. A really great Disk Defragmentor. Much better then the Windows Defragmenter in my opinion. I love this program.

Duplicate File Cleaner - Good piece of software you can use to remove duplicate files on your computer.

Final Uninstaller - A lot like Perfect Uninstaller. You can use this one or the other. No need to use both.

Evidence Smart - Software used to clear up your internet tracks. It's a good program, but a lot of it's functions can be done through Registry Easy.

Memory Savior - This software is used to free up your Computer RAM. Very handy to have.

Final Sync - Makes it easy to back up files to a USB drive. Seriously... back up your important files! You all know how upset I was awhile back when I lost all my files.

Convert Genius - Allows you to change files to different file types. For instance you can convert an MP3 to a WAV. Works well if you need to use software like this.

Cookbook Easy - Is used to manage your recipes. It's a good program I guess, but very out of place in this bundle.

Convert My PDF - Let's you convert PDF files to various type of document files. For instance, you can convert a PDF to a DOC. Works well.

Recoveryer - Used to recover deleted files. I didn't have too much success with this program.

In all, I must say I really like this software bundle. In my opinion, this is an absolute must have for every computer user. If you ask me, Microsoft should really buy the company that offers this bundle and include all of these programs for free on new computers. Most of them are very useful.

Official Website of ACA Utilities

Restore Deleted Files Review

Accidentally deleting files is a mistake everyone seems to make at some point. There are many programs on the market that claim to restore deletes files. Some of them are good, others you should avoid. Restore Deleted Files is one program you should probably avoid.

Testing Restore Deleted Files left me less then impressed. Restore Deleted Files found many files to recover, but nearly all of them were temporary internet files. I wasn't able to find any important documents that Restore Deleted Files could recover. That is supposed to be the main purpose of this software.

However one thing I should note is that Restore Deleted Files lets you scan and see which files can be recovered BEFORE you buy the software. So if you are trying to recover a certain file, you may want to give this program a shot. It's possible that you will have better luck with Restore Deleted Files then I did.

Official Website of Restore Deleted Files

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TubeTilla Pro Review

Hey everyone! I got an e-mail from a friend asking me to take a look at this software called TubaTilla Pro. I spent some time with it and gave him my thoughts. I figured I would also go ahead and post a TubeTilla Pro Review on this blog. So here goes... :)

These days, YouTube appears to be everywhere. It's in TV shows, in the news, and all over the internet. YouTube has quickly become the way to share videos with others. However, the one downside to YouTube is that there aren't download links on the

That is where TubeTilla Pro comes in. TubeTilla Pro is basically a program that will download YouTube videos onto your computer.

So how does TubeTilla Pro work? Well, whenever you find a YouTube video that you want to download, you will open up TubeTilla Pro. Once you have opened up TubeTilla Pro, you will copy and paste the download link into TubeTilla Pro. From there, you will click "Get Video". Just like that, TubeTilla Pro will download the YouTube video you have just watched.

One feature I was especially impressed with when testing TubeTilla Pro was the ability to select the file format the YouTube video is saved as. That means you don't have to save it as a Flash Video. You can save the video in many different file formats. You can save it as an WMV, AVI, MPEG, etc. You can also save it as an MP3 to listen to on your iPod.

There are a few other features that come with TubeTilla Pro. Embed YouTube videos into Powerpoint presentations, ability to watch videos on your iPod, download multiple videos at once, and more.

Overall, I think TubeTilla Pro is a great program. The main reason you would use TubeTilla Pro is simple, downloading YouTube videos. In my opinion, TubeTilla Pro handles that perfectly. Highly recommended.

Official Website of TubeTilla Pro

PDF Creator Live Review

Hey everyone. I got an email earlier from someone asking me which PDF software was the best for creating PDF's. I did some research and came across PDF Creator Live. So I figured I would type a PDF Creator review for my blog based on my experiences with trying it earlier.

PDF's are everywhere these days. You may come across them when viewing an online instruction manual, buying an e-book, viewing professional documents, etc. Although there is a lot of focus these days on PDF's and how to view them, there is not nearly as much focus on how to go about actually creating a PDF. That's where PDF Creator comes in.

PDF Creator Live is actually what it sounds like, a computer program that lets you create your own PDF's. Not only that, but PDF Creator Live also allows you to password protect your PDF files. Very cool.

In testing PDF Creator Live, it does the job. There isn't really a lot to test with PDF Creator Live. It's purpose is to give you the ability to create PDF files, and it does just that.

In closing, I'm not sure how many people really will need a PDF creator Live. But if you are looking at this program because you need to create PDF files, then this program handles that task flawlessly. Highly recommended.

Official Website of PDF Creator Live

Monday, May 10, 2010

BBMonitor Review

Hey everyone. It's a new week, and with that I figured I'd review this program called BBMonitor at the request of a friend. He was looking for a computer program to monitor his internet connection, and he asked me to take a look at BBMonitor. So I'm going to go ahead and post my thoughts here in this BBMonitor Review.

These days, as internet connection speeds get faster, it is also making people pay more attention to their connection speed. Just how fast is their connection speed? Is it performing as fast as the Internet Service Provider said it would? Just how much Bandwidth is being usied a day?

All of these questions can be answered with BBMonitor. When trying out BBMonitor, I was very impressed by the features of this program.

For instance, you can view graphs of your upload and download speed history. You can monitor network connections, speed averages, ability to ping a website, how much data has been transferred, etc.

When testing BBMonitor, it performed very well. Many users don't realize just how much data they transfer until they actually use a program like this and watch the graphs. It's very interesting.

The only downside to this program is that it costs $29.95. But if you are looking for a serious program that looks at your internet speed, then it is probably worth it to you.

In all, I recommend BBMonitor if you are looking for something more then just a internet speed test. If you want many more statistics including graphs, network connections, and more, then definitely check out BBMonitor.

Official Website of BBMonitor

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Adware Deluxe Review

One of the computer problems people come to me the most is getting rid of Computer Spyware and Viruses. There are so many different Anti-Spyware and Anti-Virus programs on the internet that it can be difficult to figure out which Programs are good and which aren't.

Well, after taking a look at Adware Deluxe, I am going to tell you why you should NOT download this program in this Adware Deluxe review.

First off, Adware Deluxe tries to trick you into buying their software. Multiple reports from people say Adware Deluxe told them they have spyware when they had no spyware whatsoever. The main purpose for Adware Deluxe to do this is to get you to buy their software. That way their Spyware Remover can remove Spyware that was well... never there in the first place.

There are also reports of Adware Deluxe using other deceiving tactics like removing the Uninstall button so you can't uninstall the software, finding actual viruses but never removing them from your system, and displaying fake alert messages.

I should note that I cannot independently verify these reports. Truthfully, I am not letting Adware Deluxe anywhere near my machine. I have seen enough reports from highly respected computer professionals to know to stay away from this software, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Official Website of Adware Deluxe

Advanced Defrag Review

Hey everyone. It's Mother's Day and I just got home from lunch with my mom. It went well, and I hope everyone out there spent time with their mother today. :)

Earlier I was IMing with a friend, and he asked me about this Advanced Defrag software. The Windows Defrag just wasn't helping his system enough, and he asked me if he should use Advanced Defrag. I spent some time testing it out and gave him my thoughts. I also figured I'd go ahead and do an Advanced Defrag Review on this blog. So here are my thoughts...

When your hard drive becomes fragmented, it can really decrease the speed of your computer. You files will be in fragments all over your hard drive which takes extra time for the computer to access them. A Disk Defragmenter fixes this.

Users looking at this software might wonder why they need a Disk Defragmenter when most computers come with one. Like I mentioned though with my friend, The Windows Defragger just wasn't working good enough for his computer. And after trying Advanced Defrag, I can say it is much better then the Defragmenter that comes with Windows.

The analysis that is given by Advanced Defrag before you Defrag your computer completely blows the one given by Windows out of the park. It is much more in-depth.

Also, I must say, Advanced Defrag did a lot better of a job at Defragmenting this computer then the Windows Defragmenter normally does. There is much more of an increase in speed then what normally comes from Windows' Defragmenter.

I am going to go ahead and give Advanced Defrag five stars. I don't really see any downsides to this program. Highly recommended to all my blog readers.

Official Website of Advanced Defrag

Note: Advanced Defrag is also being included in a software bundle called "ACA Utilities" I recently reviewed ACA Utilities and highly recommend my readers check it out. It includes 14 software programs for the price of one.

XP Repair Pro Review

Time to do an XP Repair Pro review.

Going into reviewing this product, I wasn't expecting much. There are too many products that claim to speed up your computer. All to often though they simply don't have that many features. I was expecting the same with XP Repair Pro. Honestly though, I was impressed with this software.

XP Repair Pro has a nice list of tools to repair and speed up your computer. There's a Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Startup Manager, Registry Editor, and Hard Drive Cleanup. In addition there is also a tool to anonymize your internet web surfing. How many system optimization tools honestly have that? Not many.

As far as the tools itself, they seem to perform fairly well. Tests on the Registry Cleaner only found it to be about average though. However, I think the additional tools certainly make up for it.

My recommendation? Go ahead and try this software out. It may be perfect for you.

Official Website of XP Repair Pro

Saturday, May 8, 2010

WindoFix Review

Another Registry Cleaner on the market, and another mediocre one at that. Testing out WindoFox left me less then impressed.

To start, the official website uses numerous tactics to get you to try to download their software. Some of these tactics include a fake scan, fake alerts, etc. Definitely not cool.

When it comes to WindoFix itself, the feature list isn't that impressive. Yeah I know it's supposed to just be a registry cleaner, but that doesn't stop other registry cleaners from including other features.

As far as the registry cleaner itself, testing that was done found it to be average compared to other registry cleaners.

If you are looking for just a registry cleaner, then maybe you might like WindoFix. But if you are looking for something more, then go ahead and pass on this registry cleaner. I'll stick to recommending Registry Winner.

Official Website of WindoFix

The Windows Repair Kit Review

Spent about an hour testing The Windows Repair Kit for a friend earlier today. I figured I would go ahead and post some of my thoughts on my blog and make this a Windows Repair Kit Review.

At first, I wasn't sure what to expect from The Windows Repair Kit. I couldn't completely figure out what all it featured until I actually installed the program. After I opened it up, I had a better idea.

The Windows Repair Kit is basically another Registry Cleaner. However, it does have a few additional features as it includes a startup manager, and an internet optimizer. It isn't a lot though.

So how did the Registry Cleaner perform? Unfortunately, it did not perform very well. Perhaps The Windows Repair Kit was just being cautious in what it wanted to remove. But there is such thing as being TOO cautious, and The Windows Repair Kit clearly crossed that line.

Until The Windows Repair Kit fixes their registry cleaner to clean more of your registry, don't bother with this software. I'll stick to recommending Registry Winner to family and friends.

Official Website of The Windows Repair Kit

System Mechanic Review

Hey everyone... I had a little bit of spare time. So I thought I would do a review. Originally I was going to make a quick post telling everyone about System Mechanic. But I figured I'd go ahead and turn it into a System Mechanic review.

The main reason I am reviewing System Mechanic is that it is a software program I have used for many years. I first tried this back in 2004, and I have loved it since. Many of my family and friends ask me about various computer optimization programs and which are the best. A lot of the time I recommend to them System Mechanic, and I recommend it to those that read this blog as well. Anyway... let's get to the System Mechanic Review.

The first thing you'll notice when you try out System Mechanic is just how many features there really is. The feature list is down right
amazing. In the Individual tools section, there are thirty tools listed. Yes, thirty. Not a typo. Defrag your hard drive, remove junk files, defrag your registry, find duplicate files, monitor hard drive status, etc. It's all here.

As far as the tools themselves, all of them perform great. The Disk Cleaner especially works nice.

I should also add that System Mechanic also has many automated tasks. That way you can have System Mechanic automatically do those tools for you. In addition, there is an IntelliStatus section which lists your current hard drive space, current system memory, internet speed, and more.

I honestly can't say enough about System Mechanic. It is by far one of the best System tools on the market today. This program is perfect for keeping your computer running smoothly. If you are even debating trying it, don't debate any longer. Just download it now.

Official Website of System Mechanic

Registry ToolKit Review

Time for a quick Registry Toolkit Review...

I spent some time testing Registry Toolkit this morning. Let's keep it short. This software is basically average. The feature list is average, the registry cleaner is average, it's all... just average. Not great, not horrible, just average.

After much debate, I am going to go ahead and give Registry Toolkit two stars. I considered giving it three stars, but the Registry Toolkit website brought it down because of some of what they say on their website.

Like I said, two stars. Stick with something more professional like Registry Winner.

Official Website of Registry Toolkit

Friday, May 7, 2010

Registry Patrol Review

Hey everyone! Time for a quick review. :) This is going to be a Registry Patrol review.

On the market, there are a lot of Registry Cleaners. Some of them are impressive, others are not-so impressive. After testing out Registry Patrol, I am going to put it in the not-so impressive category.

The feature list with Registry Patrol is not that big. There is no Registry Defrag for instance. Registry Patrol seems mostly focused on removing Registry Errors from your computer instead of adding additional features.

Now, normally I wouldn't have a huge problem with that if the Registry Cleaner performed well, but truthfully Registry Patrol's Registry Cleaner just didn't perform that well. The amount of registry errors it found were well below the number of errors other Registry Cleaners have found. In addition, Registry Patrol tries to get you to buy the software by claiming the errors that are found are medium or high threat level. They aren't.

In conclusion, go ahead and pass on Registry Patrol. There isn't anything impressive with this software. I will stick to recommending Registry Winner to my friends.

Registry HelpMate Review

Hey everyone. Back to do another review for my friends and readers of this blog. I have been getting some e-mails lately about this software called Registry HelpMate. I figured I'd go ahead and take a look at it earlier today and post a Registry HelpMate review.

As far as my thoughts... well... fans of Registry Cleaners with additional features will probably like Registry HelpMate. When trying out Registry HelpMate, I was impressed with the amount of additional tools there were.

In addition to the Registry Cleaner, Registry HelpMate also features a Junk Files Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, System Optimizer, Program Uninstaller, RAM Optimizer, and more. It's a pretty impressive feature list.

As far as the Registry Cleaner itself, it performed much better then the majority of other Registry Cleaners. And as always, if you are unsure about removing registry entries, there is always the option included of backing up your registry.

Overall, I think Registry HelpMate is a pretty good program. It's not great, but it's good. Four stars out of Five.

Official Website of Registry Helpmate

Registry Gear Review

Hey everyone. After yesterdays long day, I decided to take it easy today and spend most of the day on the computer. Earlier as i was surfing the web I came across this product called Registry Gear. I decided to check it out and see how well it performed. As my readers know, I'm always interested in trying out new system optimization programs. :)

Anyway... here are my thoughts on Registry Gear in this Registry Gear review...

There are so many Registry Cleaners out there that it can often be difficult to figure out which are good and which aren't for the average user. Well when it comes to Registry Gear, I have mixed reviews about it.

Registry Gear does not have very many additional features that many other system optimization programs have. There is mainly just a Registry Cleaner and a Registry Defrag.

However, the good news for Registry Gear is that the tools it does have seem to perform very well. The Registry Cleaner found more errors then the majority of other Registry Cleaners have found. In addition, like I mentioned, it has a Registry Defrag which is a nice touch. Not many other programs include a Registry Defrag. And of course, if needed, the program can backup your registry before making any changes to your registry.

If you are looking for a full system optimization program with many features, you may want to pass on Registry Gear. For full System Optimization programs, I recommend Registry Winner. But if you are looking for a simple and effective Registry Cleaner, then definitely give Registry Gear a try.

Official Website of Registry Gear

RegistryFix Review

Quick review of RegistryFix. I was bored earlier today and tried out RegistryFix. So here is my RegistryFix review.

Upon testing RegistryFix, I found this software to be good. Not great, but good.

Let's start with the Registry Cleaner. The Registry Cleaner itself performed very well. It did better then other Registry Cleaners that I have tested.

As far as additional features, there is a BHO Manager, A Startup Manager, an Uninstall Programs Manager, and a Full Registry Backup Utility. It's an average feature list. It could have more. But at least it has a little bit extra.

If you are looking for a full system optimization program, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you are just looking for a Registry Cleaner, then RegistryFix may just do the job. Try it out and see.

Official Website of RegistryFix

Registry Cure Review

Spent some time with Registry Cure earlier today. Thought I would share some of my thoughts in this Registry Cure review.

Those looking for specifically a Registry Cleaner might like Registry Cure. However, if you are looking for something more, you should look elsewhere.

The feature list for Registry Cure is very low. There is a registry cleaner, but that is about it. No junk file cleaner, no registry defrag, no startup manager, etc.

In addition, the registry cleaner had about an average performance. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't great either.

I'm going to go ahead and say you should pass on this one. Like I said, if you are just looking for a registry cleaner, then maybe you should give this software a look. Otherwise, look elsewhere. I personally recommend Registry Winner to my friends.

Official Website of Registry Cure

Registry Easy Review

Hey everyone... I got a request from a friend to check out this software called Registry Easy that he had came across. Since I have a lot of experience with System Optimization programs, I spent an hour earlier checking out Registry Easy. So I'm going to give a full Registry Easy review.

Registry Cleaners are a very competitive market these days. If you are going to put out a registry cleaner, it better be excellent. Otherwise, your software isn't going to succeed. After trying out Registry Easy, I can say that it is indeed excellent.

The Registry Easy download and installation is quick and simple. It took just a couple minutes to get Registry Easy going.

When you first load Registry Easy, you might be overwhelmed. Don't worry though. The reason I say you might feel overwhelmed is because of the large feature list. Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner, BHO Manager, System Optimizer, Error Utilities, Memory Tweaker, Startup Manager, etc. It's all here.

How do the actual tools do? Upon testing them, I found them to perform well. The Registry Cleaner found more errors then many other registry Cleaners did. The Duplicate Cleaner also performed very very well.

In wrapping this review up, I honestly can't really say anything bad about Registry Easy. Not only is the feature list long, but all the tools perform well. And I really love the Memory Tweaker. I went ahead and recommended Registry Easy to my friend, and I recommend it to all of you who are looking for a Registry Cleaner or System Optimization program. Five stars out of five.

Official Website of Registry Easy

Note: Registry Easy is also being included in a software bundle called ACA Utilities. ACA Utilities includes 15 different software programs for the price of one. I highly recommend it.

PC Repair Doctor Review

I was recently given the chance to do a full review of PC Repair Doctor. The developers contacted me and asked me to do a full review of their product. The developers even gave me a full version of the product. Despite this though, it no way influences my review of this product. Anyway, onto my review of PC Repair Doctor.

After spending some time looking through PC Repair Doctor, I believe that this is an OK product, but it needs a lot of improvement.

When you open PC Repair Doctor, you will see a main screen with a few buttons on the left. The buttons are "Scan Now", "Optimize PC", "Backup & Restore", "Options", and "Activate Booster Suite".

The scan itself didn't perform very well. It found a lot of errors in my registry, but the program froze when removing them. The scan for the most part focuses on your computer registry, although there is also a scan for any Windows Updates that you should install.

One downside with the scan though is that I wasn't able to see what exactly what was being removed in the registry. I was greeted with a result of what all was found, and they were separated into categories, however I couldn't remove specific items found. I couldn't even pick specific categories. It was either remove everything or nothing at all.

Besides the scan, the Optimize PC feature is a start-up manager that you can use to remove unneeded startup entries. It's a nice little additional feature, but most Registry Cleaners include that these days.

The Activate Booster Suite is basically an upgrade that you can buy which will include additional features such as a history cleaner, internet booster, RAM optimizer, etc. Many Registry Cleaners come with these features though.

In conclusion, I think PC Repair Doctor has some potential. But for now, I would recommend not buying it until it fixes it's scan issues. Also, including the additional features without an upgrade would be a great bonus. For now... I'll stick to recommending Registry Winner.

Official Website of PC Repair Doctor

PC-Kitchen Review

I recently had the chance to try out the PC-KitchenRegistry Cleaner and I must say, I am not very impressed. Here are my thoughts in this PC-Kitchen review.

My hopes for this software were high after seeing their claim of it being "The Best Registry Software Ever". However, there are many reasons it is far from the best.

To start, PC-Kitchen is lacking many additional features. Sure there is a startup-manager, but that's about it really.

When running the Registry Scan, I also encountered a few problems. First off, I wasn't able to figure out how to see the errors that were found in the registry. The scan also found very few errors compared to similar Registry Cleaners. In addition, PC-Kitchen used many scare tactics to get me to buy their software.

In the end, PC-Kitchen just isn't worth it. If you want a good Registry Cleaner or System Optimization program, check out my review of Registry Winner.

Official Website of PC-Kitchen

Thursday, May 6, 2010

NetDuster Pro Review

Hey everyone. I came across a software optimization program called NetDuster Pro. I had heard a bit about it before, but earlier I spent some time testing out NetDuster Pro. I figured I would go ahead and do a NetDuster Pro Review and post my thoughts on testing it out.

Some people may wonder, what is NetDuster Pro? NetDuster Pro seems to be a mix of a Computer Cleaner, System Optimization, and Registry Cleaner. Although NetDuster has a good feature list, some of the scans were lacking.

For instance, the number of errors found by the Registry Cleaner was less then impressive. Many other Registry Cleaners have found more Registry errors. On the other hand, the history scan did very well. NetDuster Pro deletes the histories from many different computer programs.

In wrapping this up, If you are specifically looking for a Registry Cleaner, you may want to look at other programs. When it comes to Registry Cleaners, I highly recommend Registry Winner. But if you are looking for a System
Optimization program with many different features, you may want to give NetDuster Pro a try.

Pros: An above-average feature list. The History Cleaner is nice.

Cons: The Registry Scanner is lacking. Could have a few more features.

Official Website of NetDuster Pro

Infinity Optimizer Review

Hey everyone! Here to do a review. :) This is going to be an Infinity Optimizer review.

These days, System Optimizers are everywhere. There are all different kinds of software programs that claim to speed up your computer. Many of them offer all different kinds of features.

Infinity Optimizer is yet another System Optimizer. Infinity Optimizer offers a wide selection of tools to speed up your computer. There is a Registry Cleaner, JunkFile Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Windows Repair, IE Repair, System Repair, Memory Optimizer, and much more. In all I counted around a dozen different features for speeding up your computer.

So is Infinity Optimizer worth it? I went ahead and spent time with it at the request of a friend. In my opinion, Infinity Optimizer is a great system optimizer. As I mentioned, Infinity Optimizer has a great selection of tools, and they
perform well at optimizing your system.

On the downside though, I noticed misspellings in the program. The company doesn't seem to be too professional. But just by judging the software, I like it. 4 stars out of 5.

Official Website of Infinity Optimizer

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

History Patrol Review

Hey everyone. I went ahead and took a look at a program someone sent me a link to. They asked me to do a review. The software is called History Patrol. So I figured I'd do a History Patrol review and give my thoughts on how it went testing it out.

One reason I thought I'd post this review is that these days the focus is on Registry Cleaners when it comes to improving your computer speed. However, you shouldn't forget about deleting your computer history. That can be a great way to improve computer performance in addition to protecting your privacy.

After trying History Patrol, I really like this program. History Patrol cleans many different histories on your computer. There are also dozens of plug-ins to support deleting histories of other programs on your computer.

One thing worth noting is that History Patrol includes a tool called "Replace". What this will do is not just remove your computer history, but replace it with fake history items. That way a boss won't become suspicious because of a deleted history trail. Instead, they will see fake history items and have no idea the real ones were completed. Very cool.

In all I like this program. It may just be a history cleaner, but it sure excels at its purpose. Four Stars out of Five.

Official Website of History Patrol

Evidence Smart Review

Quick update. Thought I would do a quick review. Earlier I tried out this program called Evidence Smart. A friend asked me if he thought he should download it. I told him I would take a look. I figure I will go ahead and share some of my thoughts on this blog.

Well, testing Evidence Smart left me less then impressed. It removed tracks that I could have removed myself. In addition, it didn't even delete Temporary Files created by programs. I am not impressed.

Although, Evidence Smart did include an Advanced Shred that overwrites files multiple times before removing them. That is a nice feature, but most Internet Cleaners come with that feature.

In conclusion, don't bother with Evidence Smart. There are better cleaners available. I recommend Registry Winner.

Official Website of Evidence Smart

Error Scanner Review

Hey everyone! Just got home after a long day. I got an e-mail requesting I take a look at this software called Error Scanner. So I went ahead and spent some time with it. I figure I will do an Error Scanner Review.

After spending some time with Error Scanner, here are my thoughts...

Although Error Scanner may look like a powerful computer repair program, don't be fooled. Error Scanner is just another Registry Cleaner.

Error Scanner claims to be a program that will fix your system errors. Error Scanner is supposed to do this by optimizing your registry and removing unneeded errors. However, unlike other Registry Cleaners, Error Scanner's Registry Cleaner wasn't very impressive. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great. Error Scanner did not find that many errors, and I noticed very little difference in computer performance. Although I should note, at least the registry scan was quick.

What about the other features? Well... there isn't really any other features. No junk files cleaner, no registry defrag, no startup manager, nothing. Although it's supposed to fix your computer errors, it simply focuses on your computer registry.

If you are specifically looking for a Registry Cleaner then maybe there is a chance you will like this program, but if you are looking for a full system optimization program, then check out my review of Registry Winner. Registry Winner has been my favorite and the Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer that I have been recommending to friends.

Official Website of Error Scanner

Advanced PC Tweaker Review

I recently came across this product called Advanced PC Tweaker. I figured I'd do an Advanced PC Tweaker review for my blog. :)

I went ahead and downloaded and installed PC Tweaker. I spent a little while testing it out, so let's get right to my thoughts...

First off... don't be fooled by the name. Advanced PC Tweaker isn't a program for tweaking your computer settings. Instead Advanced PC Tweaker is another system optimization program. And you know what? It's actually a good one in my opinion.

When testing Advanced PC Tweaker, I was very impressed by the feature list. There's a registry cleaner, error utility, IE Repair, Junk File Cleaner, Duplicate File Cleaner, Registry Backup, Restore Points, System Optimizer, Tweak Memory, Evidence Cleaner, Startup Manager, File Shredder, and some other tools I'm probably forgetting.

When testing out the various cleaners, I found they performed very well. I absolutely love the Memory Tweaker and the Duplicate File Cleaner. Those who perfer for things to be easy will also love the 1 click tweak option. So if you are like my grandma and you don't know much about computers, don't worry. Even you should be able to use the 1-click tweak option. :)

In conclusion, I am very impressed with Advanced PC Tweaker. I can maybe think of a couple additional features that could be included, but overall, it's a great feature list. And like I said, the various tools perform great. 4 out of 5 stars.

Pros: Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, Duplicate Cleaner, etc. The tools performed well

Cons: None

Official Website of Advanced PC Tweaker

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Registry Winner Review

Hey everyone, I recently came across this software program called Registry Winner. I thought it sounded interesting and decided I would go ahead and do a Registry Winner Review.

I went ahead and installed Registry Winner and spent some time with it. I'm going to start off and keep this simple. I think this may be one of the best Registry Cleaners I have ever reviewed.

To start, Registry Winner has quite the feature list. There's a Registry Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, File Shredder, BHO Manager, IE Recover, Disk Defrag, Disk Cleanup, Performance Monitor, Startup Manager, etc. The feature list in Registry Winner is huge.

As far as the tools themselves, all of them performed great. I absolutely loved the Performance Monitor. It is a great way to see how your computer is performing. In addition, the File Shredder and Disk Defrag are a nice touch.

I also found Registry Winner to be very easy to use. Some people that look for system optimization programs or registry cleaners may not know a whole lot about computers. They may be worried about using some very confusing software to try to optimize their system. Thankfully though Registry Winner is very easy to use. In the future I'm going to start recommending this to people I know even if they are a complete beginner with computers.

In wrapping this up, I can't really find anything bad to say about Registry Winner. Registry Winner isn't just about optimizing your computer registry, it's about optimizing your whole system, and it does a fabulous job at that. Five stars out of Five.

Official Website of Registry Winner

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Interesting article regarding the iPad

SpamBully Review

Back to do another review! Most of my reviews I will probably do are going to be because I was asked by a friend for an opionion on a product. But occasionally I might just review any interesting programs I come across :)

Anyway, I was asked by a friend last night if he should download SpamBully. I told him I would go ahead and take a look at it. I did, and I figured I would share my SpamBully review with my readers in case anyone else has the same question about SpamBully.

For those wondering if you should download SpamBully, if you aren't having problems with spam, then you don't relaly need to. After all, why download a program to solve a problem that you aren't dealing with? ;)

But... if you are having issues with Spam, then I highly recommend you check out SpamBully. After looking at it, I was very impressed with the various features that SpamBully offered. Although most e-mail providers offer Spam Protection, none of them do as good of a job as SpamBully did. There were a few things I especially liked about SpamBully.

For one... the spam filter automatically learns from your own personal e-mail habits to help it's accuracy. You can also block e-mails based on certain factors such as the country it originated from, IP Address, Language, certain phrases, etc. I really really liked this. I wish GMail had something like this for my GMail account.

Also... another thing that is really cool is that SpamBully features an option to report spam e-mails to the FTC. Not only was I blocking Spam, but I felt like I was actually getting back at them by reporting them to the FTC. Now hopefully the FTC goes after them. ;)

However, there is one downside though. SpamBully only works with Microsoft Outlook. So you must be using MIcrosoft Outlook to use SpamBully.

In all though, I really liked this SpamBully software. My friend went ahead and downloaded it and I recommend any other readers do so as well if they are facing Spam problems and they use Microsoft Outlook.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

Download Link

Later :)

Update Windows

To everyone reading this blog, have you updated Windows lately? You really need to... every week... (damn Microsoft ;) )

RegDefense Review

As most of my readers know, I am studying Computer Science at the Univeristy of Washington. Because of this, I am often asked computer questions from my friends. Occasionally I am also asked about if certain software programs are any good. That is one reason I figured I would start reviewing products that I come across on this blog. So with that, I am going to do a RegDefense Review.

RegDefense is a Registry Cleaner that helps clean your system registry. I have many people ask me about Registry Cleaners and which one to get. I also had someone ask me last night about RegDefense and what I thought about it. So I went ahead and looked at it and I figured I would share my thoughts on this blog with everyone.

When I looked at RegDefense, one thing I noticed was how easy it was to use. This is really good since a lot of people might not be computer experts. They might just want to quickly and easily clean their computer registry. In my opinion RegDefense does a great job of making that happen.

Another thing I really liked about RegDefense was the ability to edit the items loaded on start-up. You have no idea just how many times I have helped someone with their computer and they had a million and one items loading when they turn their computer on. There is no reason to wait 20 minutes just for your system to startup. That is why I recommend using this Start-Up manager that comes with RegDefense in addition to the Registry Cleaner. You can remove unneeded startup entries and speed up the time it takes to load your PC.

So yeah, overall, I really liked RegDefense. I thought it was a great Registry Cleaner. So if any of you are out there looking for a Registry Cleaner, take a look at RegDefense.

Final Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

Download Link

Later :)

Ordered A New Computer

Just letting everyone know I ordered a new computer. I'm excited! :-D. It's a dual-core 2.8 ghz dell with 6gb of ram. Yep that's a lot of RAM :-D


Welcome everyone to my new blog. With this blog I plan to talk about day to day life, keep in touch with my friends, review software, and more. :)

As you all know I am studying Computer Science, and so I am also going to share some thoughts related to computers with this blog. Hope you all enjoy!


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