Wednesday, May 12, 2010

ACA Utilities Review

Hey everyone. I recently came across a great deal. I decided to create a post and talk a bit about it. This deal is for a software bundle being offered online called ACA Utilities. I was discussing with a friend earlier about this deal, and I decided I would do an ACA Utilities review on my blog.

So let's get right to what ACA Utilities is exactly. Like I mentioned, it was a software bundle. But what software does it come with? Currently the list of software that comes with ACA Utilities is Registry Easy, Perfect Uninstaller, Driver Checker, Spyware Cease, Advanced Defrag, Duplicate File Cleaner, Final Uninstaller, Evidence Smart, Memory Savior, Final Sync, Convert Genius, Cookbook Easy, Convert My PDF, and Recoveryer.

That is a total of 14 software programs for the price of one. Of course... this would be worthless if the software that came with this bundle didn't perform well. However I spent awhile with the various software programs, and here are my thoughts on them.

Registry Easy - I had reviewed this in a previous entry. It's a really great Registry Cleaner, by far one of the best.

Perfect Uninstaller - A great program to use to uninstall hard to remove programs from your computer. Much more effective than Windows Add/Remove Programs

Driver Checker - Another great program. Driver Checker is used to update your computer drivers and search for updated drivers on the internet. Very handy and easy to use.

Spyware Cease - An Anti-Spyware product. It performed alright, but not the greatest.

Advanced Defrag - I had reviewed this in a previous entry as well. A really great Disk Defragmentor. Much better then the Windows Defragmenter in my opinion. I love this program.

Duplicate File Cleaner - Good piece of software you can use to remove duplicate files on your computer.

Final Uninstaller - A lot like Perfect Uninstaller. You can use this one or the other. No need to use both.

Evidence Smart - Software used to clear up your internet tracks. It's a good program, but a lot of it's functions can be done through Registry Easy.

Memory Savior - This software is used to free up your Computer RAM. Very handy to have.

Final Sync - Makes it easy to back up files to a USB drive. Seriously... back up your important files! You all know how upset I was awhile back when I lost all my files.

Convert Genius - Allows you to change files to different file types. For instance you can convert an MP3 to a WAV. Works well if you need to use software like this.

Cookbook Easy - Is used to manage your recipes. It's a good program I guess, but very out of place in this bundle.

Convert My PDF - Let's you convert PDF files to various type of document files. For instance, you can convert a PDF to a DOC. Works well.

Recoveryer - Used to recover deleted files. I didn't have too much success with this program.

In all, I must say I really like this software bundle. In my opinion, this is an absolute must have for every computer user. If you ask me, Microsoft should really buy the company that offers this bundle and include all of these programs for free on new computers. Most of them are very useful.

Official Website of ACA Utilities