Sunday, May 9, 2010

XP Repair Pro Review

Time to do an XP Repair Pro review.

Going into reviewing this product, I wasn't expecting much. There are too many products that claim to speed up your computer. All to often though they simply don't have that many features. I was expecting the same with XP Repair Pro. Honestly though, I was impressed with this software.

XP Repair Pro has a nice list of tools to repair and speed up your computer. There's a Registry Cleaner, Registry Defrag, Startup Manager, Registry Editor, and Hard Drive Cleanup. In addition there is also a tool to anonymize your internet web surfing. How many system optimization tools honestly have that? Not many.

As far as the tools itself, they seem to perform fairly well. Tests on the Registry Cleaner only found it to be about average though. However, I think the additional tools certainly make up for it.

My recommendation? Go ahead and try this software out. It may be perfect for you.

Official Website of XP Repair Pro