Saturday, May 15, 2010

TidySongs Review

Ahhh... Just thought I'd do a post before bed and talk about this software I have spent the last couple hours playing with. It's called TidySongs and this is my TidySongs review.

Some of my closest friends who have been on my computer know that I am not a very neat person. I have folders all over the place, and my Music collection isn't any different. It is so much of a mess and has none of the correct tags. Tonight I finally got sick of that and was looking online for a solution when I came across TidySongs.

I spent a couple hours using TidySongs to fix my music collection, and I am so much happier with my music collection now. TidySongs was able to add album art, rename genres, remove duplicates, fix spelling errors, etc. It really helped with my collection.

Also, if you want, you can let TidySongs fix your songs all at once while you step away from your computer. I would have normally used this, but I had a lot of fun using TidySongs tonight and seeing what all it could do.

I was wondering just how TidySongs was able to fix all these song tags for me. Apparently TidySongs has it's own online database that it uses to look your songs up and get the correct tags. Pretty cool.

In all, I highly recommend it to my blog readers out there if you have large or unorganized music collections. If you spend as much time as I do listening to music on the computer, a product like TidySongs is a must have.

Official Website of TidySongs