Thursday, May 6, 2010

NetDuster Pro Review

Hey everyone. I came across a software optimization program called NetDuster Pro. I had heard a bit about it before, but earlier I spent some time testing out NetDuster Pro. I figured I would go ahead and do a NetDuster Pro Review and post my thoughts on testing it out.

Some people may wonder, what is NetDuster Pro? NetDuster Pro seems to be a mix of a Computer Cleaner, System Optimization, and Registry Cleaner. Although NetDuster has a good feature list, some of the scans were lacking.

For instance, the number of errors found by the Registry Cleaner was less then impressive. Many other Registry Cleaners have found more Registry errors. On the other hand, the history scan did very well. NetDuster Pro deletes the histories from many different computer programs.

In wrapping this up, If you are specifically looking for a Registry Cleaner, you may want to look at other programs. When it comes to Registry Cleaners, I highly recommend Registry Winner. But if you are looking for a System
Optimization program with many different features, you may want to give NetDuster Pro a try.

Pros: An above-average feature list. The History Cleaner is nice.

Cons: The Registry Scanner is lacking. Could have a few more features.

Official Website of NetDuster Pro