Tuesday, May 11, 2010

PDF Creator Live Review

Hey everyone. I got an email earlier from someone asking me which PDF software was the best for creating PDF's. I did some research and came across PDF Creator Live. So I figured I would type a PDF Creator review for my blog based on my experiences with trying it earlier.

PDF's are everywhere these days. You may come across them when viewing an online instruction manual, buying an e-book, viewing professional documents, etc. Although there is a lot of focus these days on PDF's and how to view them, there is not nearly as much focus on how to go about actually creating a PDF. That's where PDF Creator comes in.

PDF Creator Live is actually what it sounds like, a computer program that lets you create your own PDF's. Not only that, but PDF Creator Live also allows you to password protect your PDF files. Very cool.

In testing PDF Creator Live, it does the job. There isn't really a lot to test with PDF Creator Live. It's purpose is to give you the ability to create PDF files, and it does just that.

In closing, I'm not sure how many people really will need a PDF creator Live. But if you are looking at this program because you need to create PDF files, then this program handles that task flawlessly. Highly recommended.

Official Website of PDF Creator Live