Friday, May 7, 2010

PC Repair Doctor Review

I was recently given the chance to do a full review of PC Repair Doctor. The developers contacted me and asked me to do a full review of their product. The developers even gave me a full version of the product. Despite this though, it no way influences my review of this product. Anyway, onto my review of PC Repair Doctor.

After spending some time looking through PC Repair Doctor, I believe that this is an OK product, but it needs a lot of improvement.

When you open PC Repair Doctor, you will see a main screen with a few buttons on the left. The buttons are "Scan Now", "Optimize PC", "Backup & Restore", "Options", and "Activate Booster Suite".

The scan itself didn't perform very well. It found a lot of errors in my registry, but the program froze when removing them. The scan for the most part focuses on your computer registry, although there is also a scan for any Windows Updates that you should install.

One downside with the scan though is that I wasn't able to see what exactly what was being removed in the registry. I was greeted with a result of what all was found, and they were separated into categories, however I couldn't remove specific items found. I couldn't even pick specific categories. It was either remove everything or nothing at all.

Besides the scan, the Optimize PC feature is a start-up manager that you can use to remove unneeded startup entries. It's a nice little additional feature, but most Registry Cleaners include that these days.

The Activate Booster Suite is basically an upgrade that you can buy which will include additional features such as a history cleaner, internet booster, RAM optimizer, etc. Many Registry Cleaners come with these features though.

In conclusion, I think PC Repair Doctor has some potential. But for now, I would recommend not buying it until it fixes it's scan issues. Also, including the additional features without an upgrade would be a great bonus. For now... I'll stick to recommending Registry Winner.

Official Website of PC Repair Doctor