Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Error Scanner Review

Hey everyone! Just got home after a long day. I got an e-mail requesting I take a look at this software called Error Scanner. So I went ahead and spent some time with it. I figure I will do an Error Scanner Review.

After spending some time with Error Scanner, here are my thoughts...

Although Error Scanner may look like a powerful computer repair program, don't be fooled. Error Scanner is just another Registry Cleaner.

Error Scanner claims to be a program that will fix your system errors. Error Scanner is supposed to do this by optimizing your registry and removing unneeded errors. However, unlike other Registry Cleaners, Error Scanner's Registry Cleaner wasn't very impressive. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great. Error Scanner did not find that many errors, and I noticed very little difference in computer performance. Although I should note, at least the registry scan was quick.

What about the other features? Well... there isn't really any other features. No junk files cleaner, no registry defrag, no startup manager, nothing. Although it's supposed to fix your computer errors, it simply focuses on your computer registry.

If you are specifically looking for a Registry Cleaner then maybe there is a chance you will like this program, but if you are looking for a full system optimization program, then check out my review of Registry Winner. Registry Winner has been my favorite and the Registry Cleaner and System Optimizer that I have been recommending to friends.

Official Website of Error Scanner