Saturday, May 1, 2010

SpamBully Review

Back to do another review! Most of my reviews I will probably do are going to be because I was asked by a friend for an opionion on a product. But occasionally I might just review any interesting programs I come across :)

Anyway, I was asked by a friend last night if he should download SpamBully. I told him I would go ahead and take a look at it. I did, and I figured I would share my SpamBully review with my readers in case anyone else has the same question about SpamBully.

For those wondering if you should download SpamBully, if you aren't having problems with spam, then you don't relaly need to. After all, why download a program to solve a problem that you aren't dealing with? ;)

But... if you are having issues with Spam, then I highly recommend you check out SpamBully. After looking at it, I was very impressed with the various features that SpamBully offered. Although most e-mail providers offer Spam Protection, none of them do as good of a job as SpamBully did. There were a few things I especially liked about SpamBully.

For one... the spam filter automatically learns from your own personal e-mail habits to help it's accuracy. You can also block e-mails based on certain factors such as the country it originated from, IP Address, Language, certain phrases, etc. I really really liked this. I wish GMail had something like this for my GMail account.

Also... another thing that is really cool is that SpamBully features an option to report spam e-mails to the FTC. Not only was I blocking Spam, but I felt like I was actually getting back at them by reporting them to the FTC. Now hopefully the FTC goes after them. ;)

However, there is one downside though. SpamBully only works with Microsoft Outlook. So you must be using MIcrosoft Outlook to use SpamBully.

In all though, I really liked this SpamBully software. My friend went ahead and downloaded it and I recommend any other readers do so as well if they are facing Spam problems and they use Microsoft Outlook.

Final Rating: 5 Stars

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Later :)