Wednesday, May 5, 2010

History Patrol Review

Hey everyone. I went ahead and took a look at a program someone sent me a link to. They asked me to do a review. The software is called History Patrol. So I figured I'd do a History Patrol review and give my thoughts on how it went testing it out.

One reason I thought I'd post this review is that these days the focus is on Registry Cleaners when it comes to improving your computer speed. However, you shouldn't forget about deleting your computer history. That can be a great way to improve computer performance in addition to protecting your privacy.

After trying History Patrol, I really like this program. History Patrol cleans many different histories on your computer. There are also dozens of plug-ins to support deleting histories of other programs on your computer.

One thing worth noting is that History Patrol includes a tool called "Replace". What this will do is not just remove your computer history, but replace it with fake history items. That way a boss won't become suspicious because of a deleted history trail. Instead, they will see fake history items and have no idea the real ones were completed. Very cool.

In all I like this program. It may just be a history cleaner, but it sure excels at its purpose. Four Stars out of Five.

Official Website of History Patrol