Sunday, May 9, 2010

Advanced Defrag Review

Hey everyone. It's Mother's Day and I just got home from lunch with my mom. It went well, and I hope everyone out there spent time with their mother today. :)

Earlier I was IMing with a friend, and he asked me about this Advanced Defrag software. The Windows Defrag just wasn't helping his system enough, and he asked me if he should use Advanced Defrag. I spent some time testing it out and gave him my thoughts. I also figured I'd go ahead and do an Advanced Defrag Review on this blog. So here are my thoughts...

When your hard drive becomes fragmented, it can really decrease the speed of your computer. You files will be in fragments all over your hard drive which takes extra time for the computer to access them. A Disk Defragmenter fixes this.

Users looking at this software might wonder why they need a Disk Defragmenter when most computers come with one. Like I mentioned though with my friend, The Windows Defragger just wasn't working good enough for his computer. And after trying Advanced Defrag, I can say it is much better then the Defragmenter that comes with Windows.

The analysis that is given by Advanced Defrag before you Defrag your computer completely blows the one given by Windows out of the park. It is much more in-depth.

Also, I must say, Advanced Defrag did a lot better of a job at Defragmenting this computer then the Windows Defragmenter normally does. There is much more of an increase in speed then what normally comes from Windows' Defragmenter.

I am going to go ahead and give Advanced Defrag five stars. I don't really see any downsides to this program. Highly recommended to all my blog readers.

Official Website of Advanced Defrag

Note: Advanced Defrag is also being included in a software bundle called "ACA Utilities" I recently reviewed ACA Utilities and highly recommend my readers check it out. It includes 14 software programs for the price of one.