Tuesday, May 11, 2010

TubeTilla Pro Review

Hey everyone! I got an e-mail from a friend asking me to take a look at this software called TubaTilla Pro. I spent some time with it and gave him my thoughts. I figured I would also go ahead and post a TubeTilla Pro Review on this blog. So here goes... :)

These days, YouTube appears to be everywhere. It's in TV shows, in the news, and all over the internet. YouTube has quickly become the way to share videos with others. However, the one downside to YouTube is that there aren't download links on the

That is where TubeTilla Pro comes in. TubeTilla Pro is basically a program that will download YouTube videos onto your computer.

So how does TubeTilla Pro work? Well, whenever you find a YouTube video that you want to download, you will open up TubeTilla Pro. Once you have opened up TubeTilla Pro, you will copy and paste the download link into TubeTilla Pro. From there, you will click "Get Video". Just like that, TubeTilla Pro will download the YouTube video you have just watched.

One feature I was especially impressed with when testing TubeTilla Pro was the ability to select the file format the YouTube video is saved as. That means you don't have to save it as a Flash Video. You can save the video in many different file formats. You can save it as an WMV, AVI, MPEG, etc. You can also save it as an MP3 to listen to on your iPod.

There are a few other features that come with TubeTilla Pro. Embed YouTube videos into Powerpoint presentations, ability to watch videos on your iPod, download multiple videos at once, and more.

Overall, I think TubeTilla Pro is a great program. The main reason you would use TubeTilla Pro is simple, downloading YouTube videos. In my opinion, TubeTilla Pro handles that perfectly. Highly recommended.

Official Website of TubeTilla Pro