Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perfect Uninstaller Review

Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly talk a bit about a program I was using earlier today that I tried out. This software is called Perfect Uninstaller, and I decided to do a Perfect Uninstaller Review.

Some of my readers who haven't heard of Perfect Uninstaller might be wondering what exactly it is. Well... Perfect Uninstaller is a software solution for removing unwanted programs from your computer. Some people might try and use a programs uninstaller or Windows Add/Remove. Often times though these won't completely remove the program. The program may leave behind registry keys, shortcuts, etc. Sometimes you need a more in-depth uninstaller. That's where Perfect Uninstaller comes in.

So besides the obvious, what else does Perfect Uninstaller do? It removes programs much quicker. Perfect Uninstaller is also better at removing hidden programs from your machine. And of course like I mentioned, Perfect Uninstaller can also remove leftover registry keys from various software programs.

In wrapping this up, I really really like Perfect Uninstaller. I wish Microsoft would include Perfect Uninstaller with Windows as a replacement to the outdated Windows Add/Remove. It would benefit a lot of users.

Official Website of Perfect Uninstaller

Edit: ACA Utilities is offering Perfect Uninstaller as part of a bundle with 14 other software programs for the price of one. It's a great deal and I highly recommend spending the extra bit of money to get the other software as well.