Saturday, May 8, 2010

WindoFix Review

Another Registry Cleaner on the market, and another mediocre one at that. Testing out WindoFox left me less then impressed.

To start, the official website uses numerous tactics to get you to try to download their software. Some of these tactics include a fake scan, fake alerts, etc. Definitely not cool.

When it comes to WindoFix itself, the feature list isn't that impressive. Yeah I know it's supposed to just be a registry cleaner, but that doesn't stop other registry cleaners from including other features.

As far as the registry cleaner itself, testing that was done found it to be average compared to other registry cleaners.

If you are looking for just a registry cleaner, then maybe you might like WindoFix. But if you are looking for something more, then go ahead and pass on this registry cleaner. I'll stick to recommending Registry Winner.

Official Website of WindoFix