Thursday, May 6, 2010

Infinity Optimizer Review

Hey everyone! Here to do a review. :) This is going to be an Infinity Optimizer review.

These days, System Optimizers are everywhere. There are all different kinds of software programs that claim to speed up your computer. Many of them offer all different kinds of features.

Infinity Optimizer is yet another System Optimizer. Infinity Optimizer offers a wide selection of tools to speed up your computer. There is a Registry Cleaner, JunkFile Cleaner, Evidence Cleaner, Windows Repair, IE Repair, System Repair, Memory Optimizer, and much more. In all I counted around a dozen different features for speeding up your computer.

So is Infinity Optimizer worth it? I went ahead and spent time with it at the request of a friend. In my opinion, Infinity Optimizer is a great system optimizer. As I mentioned, Infinity Optimizer has a great selection of tools, and they
perform well at optimizing your system.

On the downside though, I noticed misspellings in the program. The company doesn't seem to be too professional. But just by judging the software, I like it. 4 stars out of 5.

Official Website of Infinity Optimizer